Tacit Knowledge: Post Studio/Feminism – CalArts 1970–1977 12/2019, Camera Austria International

In 1971, Judy Chicago photographed a hand taking a blood-soaked tampon out of a vagina. The same year, John Baldessari had students writing the sentence “I will not make any more boring art” on an art college’s wall. Both works mark a turn to more radical ventures in the arts, one feminist, the other conceptual.

disintegrate! 3. Berliner Herbstsalon 03/2018, Camera Austria International

Contemporary art, it seems, has officially entered a state of crisis—at the latest since a shitstorm hit the fourteenth documenta, pointing out the budget deficit it created. Although this might be considered ridiculous compared to, let’s say, the dimensions of global art market speculation.

4th Project Biennial D-0 ARK Underground / Tito’s Bunker 09/2017, Camera Austria International

Hidden in the green mountains just outside of the Bosnian city of Konjic, frequented by tourists for hiking and rafting, a massive underground construction spreads over 6,500 square meters. Built in the years between 1953 and 1979 to house 350 military officials, the socialist leader of former Yugoslavia, and his wife in the then quite likely event of an atomic attack, the bunker (the official name was “D-0 ARK Underground”) is an unlikely place for housing what is today probably the most pivotal collection of contemporary art in Southeastern Europe.

Katarina Zdjelar: To Walk a Line 12/2016, Camera Austria International

Reflecting upon the post-communist process of transitioning to a democracy that considers neoliberal capitalism its ne plus ultra, Boris Buden observes an Eastern European political landscape inhabited entirely by “children incapable of democratically organizing their lives without the guidance of others”.

Das Gespenst des Kapitals 06/2015, goethe.de

Mit zeitgenössischer Kunst aus Deutschland tourt „Future Perfect“, die aktuelle Ausstellung des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), durch die Welt. 2015 ist sie im brasilianischen Porto Alegre zu Gast. Goethe.de sprach mit Kuratorin Angelika Stepken über künstlerische Konzepte und Positionen.

Blogger als Performer: Unsere Erfahrungen bei Ehud Darashs “Constructing Resilience” 08/2012, Tanz im August-Blog

In den vergangenen Tagen bin ich mit einem Kaffeebecher in der Hand kreuz und quer durch die Stadt gerast und so viel U-Bahn gefahren, dass die Berliner um mich herum zu einer hektisch wabernden Menschenmasse geworden sind, in der ich kaum noch Gesichter ausmache – geschweige denn wahrnehme, ob mir auf dem Weg irgendetwas Besonderes begegnet ist.