Bildpolitiken bei der 10. Berlin Biennale 09/2018, EIKON

Statt Bildern flimmern in Tony Cokes’ Videoarbeiten von Musik begleitete Texte über monochrome Fernsehschirme. In „Evil. 27: Selma“ (2011) reflektiert er über die fehlenden Bilder jener Aktionen der Afroamerikanerin Rosa Parks, die zum Busboykott von Montgomery führten und heute als Geburtsstunde der schwarzen Bürgerrechtsbewegung gelten.

disintegrate! 3. Berliner Herbstsalon 03/2018, Camera Austria International

Contemporary art, it seems, has officially entered a state of crisis—at the latest since a shitstorm hit the fourteenth documenta, pointing out the budget deficit it created. Although this might be considered ridiculous compared to, let’s say, the dimensions of global art market speculation.

Necessità dei volti. A Dialogical Procedure and Selections from a Provisional Archive 03/2017, Camera Austria International

In the quiet of the exhibition space, the visitor makes a personal encounter with photographs printed on the pages of a few hand-bound books or carefully inserted in lidded boxes. Revealing what is to be seen requires an act of uncovering.

Migrant Identities After the Global Crisis 03/2016, Camera Austria International

“Refugees … represent the vanguard of their peoples”, wrote Hannah Arendt in her famous essay “We Refugees” shortly before the end of the Holocaust, when she, like many Jews living in exile, forever lost her home country, along with related identity-shaping histories and languages.